"Rise to make a name for myself as a professional athlete"
- John Brannon, Class of 2016


Core Programs

R2I members have access to an assortment of weekly programming opportunities, for members to access sustainable resources and build quality relationships between staff, peers, and mentors.

Each academic school year members commit to two weekly Grade -level specific Programs. Program selections target members current academic and social development and provide substantial opportunity for continued growth.

  • Freshmen- Academic Habits, Self-Awareness, Career Exploration
  • Sophomores- ACT Prep, College Exploration, Communication Skills
  • Juniors-ACT Prep, Writing Workshops, College Application Process Support
  • Seniors- ACT Prep, 1:1 College Application Process Support, Financial Aid, College Transition Support

Support Programs

We offer an array of scholastic and extracurricular programming that is open to all members.

  • College Tours (In-state and out-of-state)
  • Financial Literacy workshops
  • Character Development
  • Community Service Projects
  • Full Length Practice ACT tests

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